Yugster Will Soon Be UntilGone.com FAQ

Yugster Will Soon Be UntilGone.com

Join us August 30th for our UntilGone.com Celebration when Yugster becomes UntilGone.com.  We'll be giving away prizes, have some Black-Friday-Priced deals and more. 


Yugster.com to UntilGone.com FAQ


Why did you change the name to UntilGone.com? Why a new website?

Yugster was acquired in May 2018 and the new owners felt it was time for a refresh and an update. We want a more approachable, modern, and friendly website and design to connect with our customers. We want a website that’s efficient for customers to navigate as well as a website where customers feel confident and secure while shopping.

There will be lots of changes, in every aspect of the business but one – we will still work tirelessly to bring you the best daily deals we can find!


Will I still receive a daily email?

YES! If you are currently receiving emails from Yugster, then you will automatically begin receiving emails from UntilGone.com and your email preferences will remain the same. Emails will now be sent from [email protected] instead of [email protected]. Be sure to add [email protected] to your contacts and safe senders list.  You can also set a filter for all emails from UntilGone.com.  View Instructions Here.


Will all of my personal information be transferred over to the new website?

Yes. We take personal privacy and the security of customer data very seriously. Your most recent billing address will be transferred over securely, along with your email address, membership level, and order history after Jan 1, 2017. We do not store credit card or other sensitive information so you will need to re-enter that when you order. For security reasons, we cannot view our customers' passwords, so all customers will be required to create a new password on UntilGone.com. You'll receive an invitation via email to set up your new password as we get closer to the launch date.  


What will happen to my YUG Points & Member Level?

We listened to our customers and are revamping and improving our loyalty program, making it more exciting and even more rewarding! All members will maintain their current level (if you're a Diamond Member, you will still be a Diamond Member when we launch our new website). The current YUG Points program will transition to the UntilGone.com Rewards Program. One common question we frequently received was, "What do I do with all my YUG Points?" Our new Rewards Program will allow you to redeem points for additional savings (like UntilGone.com Gift Cards). We'll be "cashing out" your points in the form of coupons that will be emailed to you before our celebration event. So all those points you've earned were not in vain! The more points you currently have, the more coupons you'll receive and better they'll be. You'll be able to use these coupons on UntilGone.com while earning points in the new Rewards Program on your first purchase! Plus, there are several other ways to earn points. More details for the new Rewards Program will available soon and emailed to all of our members - stay tuned!


Will you still have new deals every day?

YES! And they'll be easier than ever to view and access from anywhere on our new website! In addition, we have so many other deals that haven't always been the easiest to find, but our amazing fresh and modern looking website will have better navigation so you can find all the deals that excite you and meet your needs.


Will you still be selling Junk Boxes?

The Junk Box is one of our most popular and best selling items, and it will never go away! Watch for our next Junk Box coming soon!


Will I be able to view past orders placed on Yugster.com?

We want our customers to be able to remember the fabulous deals they purchased so all of your orders after January 1, 2017 will be still be accessible in the new and improved account page on UntilGone.com. If you want to access your orders prior to 2017, you can do so now on the Member Center page on Yugster.com.


Have more questions about these exciting changes?   Email us at [email protected].