YUG Points


For signing up and buying stuff, you get YUG Points. YUG Points lead to higher member levels with extra discounts. The more you buy the better your price gets. It's our way of repaying your loyalty to Yugster!

You earn 100 points for every order you place, and 200 points for every purchase you make on Sunday and Friday's TGIF Deals. Plus you can get more points for various things like confirming your email address when you register .... boom, 100 points.

Better discounts on a lot of what we sell. Our Daily Deals are already great, but they're often even better with more YUG Points! Just by registering you are automatically enrolled in the YUG Points Program. You don't need to do anything else. As you earn more points, you'll move up to higher membership level, which means better discounts on tons of deals.

For example, look at the image to the right, which is an actual example from one of our past deals on an Acer Chromebook. Members are notified if there is Member Pricing available on a deal when Sign in for Member Pricing is shown above the price.  After signing in, members will see their new price. That's an Extra $10 automatically taken off Yugster's already great price in this example! Make sure that you're signed in to see your Member Pricing!

Extra discounts might sometimes only be for Silver, Gold, Diamond, or Blue Diamond Members. So if you're not seeing a better price, it could be because only members with higher levels are getting an extra discount. Not every deal has better member discounts, but there is usually more than one deal/day that does.


What are the levels?
To move up a level, it just takes more points, which is easy. You already get 100 points when you register. Place an order? More points.

Bronze = 300 Points 
Silver = 600 Points
Gold = 1,000 Points
Diamond = 2,000 Points
Blue Diamond = 10,000 points

View Your YUG Points by clicking the MY ACCOUNT link in the upper right hand corner of the website.


With just a couple orders you will be earning Bronze level benefits. After that, the discounts and benefits get even better! So keep your eye out for the "Your (Yug Point Level) Price" to see your YUG Points in action!

So to summarize, create an account and confirm that account and you get 100 points. Buy stuff, you get points. Buy a gift card, get points. Watch for double points on special offers!

Registration is free. And, registered Yugsters will also receive exclusive deals every Friday via email, which are now DOUBLE YUG POINTS!  These deals are often so low, that the manufacturers won't let us post the prices to the general public.  And only Yugster members get access to these exclusive member-only deals.  Click Sign-up above to join Yugster now!