[10-Pack] LED Light-Up Helicopter Shooters - Flies Up To 150ft w/ Glowing LEDs

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Enjoy exciting, high-flying fun with these LED Helicopter Shooters! Make your family time and parties even brighter with the new and exciting LED Helicopter Shooter that have a million and one different uses! Throw farther than a paper airplane, faster than a Frisbee! 

Easy to assemble, just fold the wings, tie the rubber bands, turn on the LED and you're set! It flies like an arrow and comes down like a helicopter. Or if you don't like the amazing LED Helicopter Shooter, you can refer to it as a flying umbrella. When you shoot it into the air the wings open and it spins slowly downwards like a helicopter. 

It looks great at night, as the rotors on this LED Helicopter Shooters glows bright and creates a dazzling Halo effect and mesmerize. LED Helicopter Shooter are made of the highest grade materials .The distance is amazing as it shoots upwards of 150 feet with just a pair of rubber bands and a flick of your wrist!


  • Rotors glow bright and create a dazzling Halo effect
  • Shoots upwards of 150 feet with just a pair of rubber bands
  • Visible for half a mile or more at Night
  • Made of the highest grade materials
  • Use it as a retrieval toy for pets at the park
  • Fun "fireworks" to use on the 4th of July
  • Great for exciting parties and raves
  • Perfect for anyone 5 years or older

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Probably one of the funniest packages I've ever received. Great service and awesome deals

Can't Beat The Prices!

You can't beat the prices. They carry many off the wall items that you just can't find anywhere else, and the deals they offer are great.

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