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"PLUGSTER'S PICK" Replaces 'Members Only'

YOU SPOKE.  WE LISTENED!  That's right, Yugster Members were informing us that they were not always thrilled about having to sign-in to view the Members Only deal of the day.  So we changed it!  We want to keep our valuable customers happy! Now there's no need to sign-in to view our daily deals!

Way back when Plugster was born, there was just 1 deal a day at  However, by popular demand, Yugster increased the deals available every day to what we have now, which is LOTS of DAILY DEALS. And not just any daily deals, but 99% of the time Yugster has the best prices on the deals of the day in the World!...wide web.

Plugster has been wanting to call the shots at Yugster for some time now.  So we're letting Plugster pick his favorite daily deal, which is usually a tech deal. Plugster then checks for quality, reliability, and tech-ibilty, and gives his stamp of approval.  Yugster has always been known for have amazing tech bargains and technology deals, which can now be found daily on Plugster's Pick.  Watch for Plugster's Seal of Approval.



Having an exclusive look at the Members Only page was a benefit for members. The Members Only deal was often the next day's Today's Deal. However, due to the growing popularity of Yugster, the Members Only deal more often than not, nearly sold out or sold out completely. So there wasn't enough of the Members Only deal left for the deal to be offered again the next day on Today's Deal. So removing the necessity to sign-in to view this deal made sense.

Yugster's Members, however, still have many benefits. Every Friday afternoon, Members get exclusive deals which aren't posted on for just anyone to buy. These deals are usually priced so low, that the manufacturers of the products won't let Yugster post the prices to the general public. Only those loyal Yugster Members who receive the Yugster Daily Deals email will get access to these deals.

YUG Points are another, and perhaps the best, benefit offered by Yugster. YUG Points give members additional discounts on the already low priced deals. Members earn YUG Points on every purchase. Members can earn up to an extra 20% off the already low prices when reaching the highest YUG Points Blue Diamond status. 100 YUG Points are awarded instantly when signing-up, so after just 2 purchases, Bronze Member status is achieved, and the extra savings begin.

Yugster also gives away more free items in a month than most companies do in a year, or even several years! Every day, Yugster selects a lucky member to win one of the daily deals. Check out the Daily Deal Give Away page to see all of the FREE items that Yugster Members have won.

And starting new for 2013 is Yugster Contests. Yugster will be giving away some free Android Tablets, Yugster Gift Cards, and other fabulous FREE prizes. Yugster members can participate in fun contests to win these awesome prizes.

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