[2-Pack] GoodYear Natural Chamois Drying Balls

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Easily clean messes at home or at work with the GoodYear Super Dry Natural Drying Ball. Why mope around like a wet cat when you don’t have to? The Super Dry Natural Drying Ball is here to save the day and it's mighty handy in the glove box, kitchen or shop. Either use these wet for tough messes or dry to soak up large spills, it works like a charm! Just pay shipping and they're FREE!

It can also be used outdoors to defog or clean windshields or windows. The ball is actually a disc made of stitched-together small pieces of natural chamois. The natural chamois is tough on grease and stains but gentle on the objects they clean and will not scratch surfaces. Time to take care of those messy spills and dirty workspaces today with the  Good Year Super Dry Natural Drying Ball!


  • 4”x2” in diameter
  • Great for defogging or cleaning windshields and windows
  • Use wet or dry
  • Made from all natural materials- will not scratch surfaces
  • Stores easily in the glove box or center console

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