[4-Piece] Tire Pressure Monitoring Valve Caps

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The importance of checking your tires is quickly overshadowed by the inconvenience of actually doing it. Never wonder about your tire pressure, and ultimately your safety, again. With these Tire Pressure Monitoring Valve Caps, checking your tire pressure is as easy as just walking around your car. No more stopping at each tire and getting your hands all grimy (when is that ever good?), and fiddling around with pressure gauges when all you want is to be on your way. 

While you take a quick stroll around your car, all you have to do is look to see if the valve is green or red. Green and you're ready to roll! Red and you will be happy you checked. Properly inflated tires are going to save gas, save tires, and provide a safer drive so make your life easier and grab a pack. These make a great practical gift, too! 


  • Easy to read valve saves time and gets you on your way
  • 2.4 Bar = 34.8 PSI - the most common tire pressure
  • Color coded - ALL GREEN: Properly inflated | PART RED/PART GREEN: Approximately 10% underinflated | ALL RED: Approximately 25% underinflated, ADD AIR ASAP!
  • Chrome-plated brass compliments any wheel
  • No tool needed when installing- hand tighten only
  • Save gas, save tires, safer drive
  • After installation, DRIVE YOUR VEHICLE for 10 miles or more - the tire rotation primes the pressure monitors to accurately display tire pressure status in the clear window

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