EraVino Premium Hand-Crafted Crystal Horn Wine Decanter

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This Premium Glass Horn Wine Decanter is crafted for superior balance, clarity, tonal quality and heat-resistance. Each glass is developed from a single piece of crystalline glass through a state-of-the-art pulled stem technology for the ultimate in durability and aesthetics. The EraVino Horn decanter was specially designed, and is truly a gorgeous work of art as it is hand-made and blown by highly skilled artisans, making each decanter unique. No two decanters are exactly alike.

This decanter features sensuous curves in a U-shape, with the pour spout graduating up to a delicate point. This piece is beautiful on any table, and introduces more oxygen to its contents, thus allowing the wine to open up and fully develop to its maximum potential. Enhance the flavor and aroma of your favorite wine with this aerator and decanter.


  • 59-ounce capacity
  • Lead-free crystal adds clarity and brilliance
  • Unique and elegant shape; easy to pour
  • Simple aerator is perfect for decanting a standard-size bottle of wine (750ml)
  • Hand-made and blown

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