Small & Powerful UV (Blacklight) LED Detection Flashlight

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This pocket-sized powerhouse is a must to make sure your Benjamins are real, check that the hotel changed your sheets, look at the secret landing strips for bees on Orchids and other plants, watch certain rocks glow in the dark, and otherwise enjoy the black light effects.

Producing an outstandingly bright swath of light and constructed of a lightweight but rugged aluminum, this flashlight houses a powerful LED bulb that shines a brilliant purple light. Convenient and practical for your daily use, the beam from this flashlight is bright and stable. This LED flashlight is perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, travel, home lighting, etc.  Grab a few of them now and toss them in a drawer, on your workbench or even in your backpack and you'll see just how indispensable these little wonders are.


  • Constructed from a high quality aluminum alloy
  • Water resistant and ready for the outdoors
  • Sock resistant design is ready for the toughest of conditions
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Tail Switch provides easy on/off functionality
  • Power Supply: [1 x AA] or [1 x 14500] rechargeable battery (not included)

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