Outdoor Nation 4-Bulb Handheld Rechargable Tactical Searchlight with 4 Modes

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This handheld tactical searchlight is perfect for anyone looking for a super bright, easy to hold flashlight. It comes with four different modes for various activities: high, medium, strobe, and soft. With four different modes, you'll find that this flashlight is just what you need in any situation. 

No need to worry about replacing the batteries all the time. This Outdoor Nation searchlight can be recharged in a few hours by pluging directly into the charger. It comes in a camouflage color and is designed to be a comfortable fit for any hand. 


  • Four seperate LED lights for max brightness and soft light on handle for lighter mood
  • 4 Flashlight Modes: Medium / High / Strobe / and Soft light from handle - Easy to operate with one button, repress button to change modes
  • 2 rechargeable 3.7V lithium batteries and charger included. Could last up to 5 hours on a full charged battery while on medium mode
  • Direct Charging: With the OutDoor Nation flashlight there is no need to take the batteries out in order to charge them, simply plug the charger directly into the flashlight
  • Multipurpose: light-weight with a comfortable handle make this flashlight perfect for any indoor or outdoor activity.

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