Micro USB Inspection Camera for Android with 3ft Reach & 6 LED Lights - Great for Drains, Pipes, Engines, Behind Walls & More

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See where the eyes can’t go with the help of this Mini Waterproof MicroUSB Inspection Camera! This highly portable industrial videoscope connects to your Android smartphone (Android 4.1 OS & above), offering a clear view right on the screen. 

Find things that fell between your car seats, like coins, pens or french fries. Look behind walls to router wires and cables. Search for clogs in your drains.  There are hundreds of uses. It's built with six adjustable LED lights for illumination. The remote control built into the cable lets you quickly capture footage at the touch of a button. Click and order now! 


  • Slim and light design, highly portable
  • Connect to Android smartphone directly
  • Offer a clear view of the interior of machine on cellphone screen
  • A 0.3MP CMOS camera delivers 640*480 crisp, clear images
  • Built with six adjustable LED lights for illumination
  • Remote control built into the cable lets you quickly capture footage at the touch of a button
  • Save pictures and videos into the phone or PC for future reference
  • IP67 waterproof construction, ideal for use in all occasions
  • Made of hard ABS, flexible and durable

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Special Note:  Make sure that your Android phone supports OTG functionality and your camera app is compatible with USB cameras.


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