[4-Piece] SKIL Secure Grip Self-Tightening Box Wrench Set

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The SKIL Secure Grip wrenches feature patented self-adjustable inserts that are able to grip rounded off bolts, which can't be gripped with traditional wrenches or sockets.

These steel teeth 'bite' into the bolt as you turn, creating effortless loosening or powerful tightening. There are 8 grips divided into standard and metric, giving you a variety of wrenches for a resonable cost.


  • Works on normal and stripped bolts
  • Self-adjusting universal tooth design
  • Can be used on 6pt, 12pt, Square, Spline, Torx and rounded bolt heads
  • Heavy-duty laminated steel construction
  • Replaces both metric and standard sockets and wrenches

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