Monster RadioPlay 300 Universal Full Spectrum FM Transmitter

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Enjoy your MP3 player, CD player, portable DVD player or even your laptop audio through your car stereo's FM radio or virtually any FM station with Monster Cable RadioPlay 300 Universal Full Spectrum FM Transmitter. It's a fast, simple way to take all your favorite music playlists with you on the road, eliminating those piles of CDs that might be rattling around in your glovebox. Monster RadioPlay 300 tunes in to just about any FM station so you can get clear wireless transmission to your car's FM radio just about anywhere.

Features three programmable "favorite station" preset buttons and an easy-to-read, dimmable LED display so you can easily tune and select your favorite station presets in your car, day or night. Just tune your car radio to any clear FM station, tune RadioPlay 300 to the same station, hit play on your portable player and you're ready to roll. Program the 3 presets so you can change to the clearest station while you drive - it's that easy. Start enjoying your music through your car’s stereo’s FM radio with Monster Cable RadioPlay 300 Universal Full Spectrum FM Transmitter today!


  • Listen to your portable audio tunes through your cars FM radio wirelessly
  • Tune into any FM station, excluding 87.7 MHz and 87.9MHz
  • 3 digital memory presets for fast and convenient access
  • For use with iPod, portable MP3, CD and DVD players and laptop
  • Connects to headphone jack on portable audio players w/ 3.5mm aux. port

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