Ediors Windproof Goggles with Anti Fog Double Lenses and UV Protection

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EDIORS® goggles are designed with you in mind. Perfectly fitting most athletes ages 10 and up. They are also designed to fit over any sport helmet that requires goggle protection.

Our goggles are built to protect your vision, increase visibility, improve performance and maximize the fun. They are built with a special Poly-Carbonate glass that has a rugged design to prevent all types of scratches and scuffs to your lenses, maximizing your visibility and increasing the lifespan of the product.

EDIORS® goggles are designed to enable aurodynamic airflow within the lens, preventing fog and improving performance. Also, preventing WDY (winter dry eye) to reduce athletes eye irritation.


  • Flow-tech ventilation system
  • Poly-Carbonate (anti-scratch) glass
  • UV protection
  • One size fits all
  • Comes in 6 exciting colors

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