[4-Pack] Solar-Powered LED Outdoor Lights - Fastens Onto Your Rain Gutters

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These handy LED Gutter Lights are great for creating long lasting brilliant light during the night without the hassle of wires or extension cords. Easy to set up and maintain, these solar powered lights simply attach it to your gutter, fence or wall are ready to light the way perfectly! 

These lights charge by day and turn on/off automatically when the sun rises and sets. You won't need to do any wiring to install the lights in your yard, driveway or walkway. Producing brilliant white LED light, these cordless lights can illuminate any exterior area such as entryways, walkways, gardens, and patios. 


  • Solar powered and energy saving
  • Automatic sensor activates in darkness
  • No wiring needed
  • 3 bright white LEDs per light
  • OFF/ON automatic Sensor
  • Mounts 3 ways: on Gutters, Walls, or Posts
  • Illuminates yards, walkways, landscaping and more

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