[4-Pack] Moscow Mule Copper Mugs with Hand Hammered Finish

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For Moscow Mule drinkers who prefer a nickel lined mug, this mug is for you! A food-safe lacquer is applied to the outer copper layer that resists tarnishing for lasting beauty and luster. The mug of choice when serving the infamous Moscow Mule--a cocktail made from a blend of vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. The copper mug enhances the flavor and keeps the drink colder, longer.

Although there is debate about the beginnings of the Moscow Mule, there is no debate about its lasting legacy. Some say the inventors had a stroke of genius, while others claim it was simply created in an effort to go through a plentiful stash of both vodka and ginger beer. Whether it was a marketing effort or a stroke of luck, we're convinced it was the mug that made the mule.


  • 16-ounce size
  • Perfect size for a Moscow Mule
  • Great for all cold beverages
  • Keeps drinks cold and delicious
  • Copper keeps drinks ice-cold for longer period than glass mugs

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