Monster PowerCard Ultra-Thin External Battery Pack That Fits in Your Wallet

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Monster's PowerCard packs serious punch, featuring "No Waiting Technology" that provides all the power needed for the most demanding smart phones and USB devices. Just plug it in, hit the charge button and make the call. Auto sensing technology detects exactly what speed your smart phone or USB device requires and provides the speed and power in a flash – all of this in a sleek package, that's so super thin, it fits into your wallet for power on the go. A great value and easy to transport, it's perfect for quick emergency charges.

The Powercard charges up to 3 times faster than standard chargers. With a 1650mAh capacity battery pack, you'll have enough juice to give most iPods and smartphones a full charge. Plus, the conveniently place 3 LEDs show your battery level. You can use it with anything that requires USB charging and you're not going to find a faster charger that fits in your wallet, so grab yours now.


  • Fits in your wallet
  • Charges up to 3x faster than standard chargers
  • Ultra-thin size of a credit card
  • 3 LEDs show your battery level
  • 1650mAh capacity for battery pack
  • Quick charge to 1.5 amps
  • Provides up to five hours of energy to your smartphone
  • USB 2.0 charging port
  • Includes standard USB cable
  • Convenient for travel or emergencies

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