[5-Pack] Liger USB Wall Charger For Smartphones, Tablets, Speakers & More

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These USB Wall chargers allow you to plunge into a power strip or wall outlet without blocking other outlets. It fully charges most phones in under 2 hours using a USB connection. Comes in a pack of 5, so you can have a wall charger in each room!

Charges any accessory or phone that uses a USB connection. GRAB yours in one of 5 great colors today!


  • The Home Charger makes it easy to charge your iPad or iPhone wherever there is a wall power outlet
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to carry, plugs into any wall power outlet
  • This 1-amp wall charger can provide a quick charge to your iPhone 5 via Apple's Lightning connector cable (not included). The charger can also supply power to any device that charges via USB, as long as you have a USB cable compatible with the device
  • Charger: Input: 100V - 240V Output: DC5.0V 1A (5W) (U.S. & World Standard)

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