Scotch Rocks Stainless Steel Ice Cubes with Tray & Tongs – 6 Cubes

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These liquid filled food grade stainless steel cubes by Scotch Rocks are amazing! Place the cubes in the included tray and place in the freezer for 4 hours. Using the included stainless steel tongs, gently place 3 cold cubes in your glass and pour your drink.

For best results pour the liquid to the top of the stones. Let stand for a minute and slowly swirl your drink around the cubes in order for the cubes to cool the rest of drink. Enjoy your chilled and undiluted drink! Simply rinse and air dry when you've finished.

You can use the Scotch Rocks Silver Edition in any beverage including sodas, ice tea, coffee, water, and spirits. Keep Scotch Rocks Silver Edition beverage-ready, by storing them within the included plastic container.


  • Set of 6 liquid filled, food grade, stainless steel cubes
  • Tongs to pick up your stainless steel cubes
  • Reusable tray to store and freeze your stainless steel cubes and tongs
  • Beautiful packaging to impress your gift recipient
  • These cubes will cool down any beverage including coffee

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