ENHANCE Weather Radio w/ Flashlight, Hand Crank, Siren and USB Charging

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The ENHANCE Weather Radio allows you to access FM, AM, and WB (Weather Band) radio all in one device. During a weather emergency, you can select from up to seven weather alert stations: 162.550 MHz, 162.525 MHz, 162.500 MHz, 162.475 MHz, 162.450 MHZ, 162.425 MHz, and 162.400 MHz. Whether you want to listen to music as you work in the garage, catch up on a baseball game, or learn of any tornado warnings, this device is perfect for you!


  • Includes LED flashlight and loud emergency siren perfect for fishing, boating, sailing, water sports, parasailing, scuba diving, kayaking, rowing, and other water activities
  • AM, FM radio modes great for music, sports, and world news.
  • 7 Weather Band stations for up-to-the-minute weather emergency updates
  • Rechargeable internal battery can be charged via USB (cord included)
  • Optional battery power using 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Hand crank can charge a device with 0.5A USB Power
  • Press WB ALERT button to mute all functions except for the weather alert; make sure to tune into your local weather station to get instant updates

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