Shinco 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Heater with LCD Display

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Drain this portable AC unit less frequently, thanks to the self-evaporation design. A heating coil design on this slender oval unit lets you stay warm in cold rooms just as easily as it cools warm spaces. The high exhaust hose position minimizes kinking, and automatic closing wing outlets keep dust and dirt out of the unit.


  • Next generation condensate self-evaporation design which (depending on usage) will limit the frequency you need to drain the unit, and is more energy-saving and environment friendly.
  • Heating Coil Heat design allows you to use the unit Year Round with both A/C and Heat options.
  • Thin and Oval design with ergonomic handles, LCD display, and a high position for exhaust hose for easy installation and less kinking.
  • Wing outlets that close automatically after you shut down the unit to prevent dust and dirt from going into the machine, as well as a way to store the remote and power plug while not in use.
  • Self-diagnosis function, 24h on/off timer function, and the Compressor is programmed with protective function of automatic restart after 3min time delay.
  • Covers 350 to 400sq feet

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