Deluxe Zippered Waterproof & Bed Bug Proof Mattress Cover – 4 Sizes

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The Deluxe Mattress Cover is made from high-quality vinyl that has a waterproof and bed bug proof design. It is very easy to clean, as all you have to do is just wipe iit with a damp cloth or sponge. Starting at just $9.97 you can get a waterproof cover that also protects against bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens; what a steal! 

Choose from the Twin size for $9.97, the Full size for $10.97, the Queen size for $11.97, or the King size for $12.97!


  • Waterproof -- perfect for bedwetting or accidental spills
  • Protects against allergens that can accumulate in mattresses
  • Protects against bed bugs and dust mites 
  • Wipes clean quickly with a damp cloth or sponge

Available in four sizes:

  • Twin: 76" x 39" x 10" 
  • Full: 76" x 54" x 10" 
  • Queen: 80" x 60" x 10"
  • King: 80" x 78" x 10"

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