Aeroblade 4-Channel RC Quadcopter with HD Camera

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The design of this Aeroblade Quadcopter lets you to fly up to your ability and beyond.  When you are ready to live your flight again, just take the SD card (not included) out of the copter, put it in your computer, and watch your skill in action!  

This 4ch, RC quadcopter with its 6 axis gyro auto stabilizes during flight and allows you to go up, down, left, right, forward, backward, and do radical 3D flips and rolls in the air! Command the skies and just take on this amazing Aeroblade handheld Indoor/outdoor Drone Quadcopter!  Order yours today.   


  • 4-Channel RC Quad Copter with HD Camera
  • Flies up/down, left/right, forward/backward with ease
  • Flips 360 Degrees with the push of a button
  • Multiple speed modes for beginner and professional flyers
  • Remote control with LCD display for control functions
  • Extra blades included
  • 10" diagonal length


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