Automatic-Flow Pet Water Purifier Fountain with Food Bowl

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This Automatic Flow Pet Water Fountain integrates a water fountain and food bowl that keeps your pet healthy and happy. The 3L water container comes with a noise free pump that gives your pet fresh filtered continuous water supply. The L.E.D light guides your pet to the feeder in the dark and the food bowl adds extra crunch to your pet’s daily meal time.

Works for both dogs and cats, our Integrated Water Fountain Food Bowl Scoop keeps your pet healthy and happy.


  • Holds 3 Liters (12.68 Cups) and Cycles Continuously to Encourage Pets to Drink
  • Removable Food Bowl Holds 800ml (3.4 Cups) and Doubles as Food Scoop
  • Features an Efficient Noise-Free Water Pump with a Built-in White Nightlight
  • Installed Filter Removes Impurities From the Water with Every Cycle
  • Disassembles in Seconds for Easy Cleaning; Most Parts Are Dishwasher-Safe

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