SOL REPUBLIC PUNK Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – 2 Color Options

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Surprisingly loud for its size, PUNK is fearless. Crank up the volume and fill your room with music or take the party outside. Your music will be heard.

With You Anywhere You Go
Water resistant, PUNK can lounge poolside. Shock resistant, PUNK is not afraid of ruthless backpacks. Even dust doesn’t bother PUNK, so mount it to your bike and head up to the mountains. PUNK goes with you anywhere, all day with long-lasting 8-hour battery life.

Share Your Music
Super social, PUNK lets you connect to any non-Bluetooth audio devices. You can even connect to that old stereo using PUNK as a wireless hub.

Fearless Sound
Crank up the volume and rock out with PUNK. Delivering the powerful, fearless sound you need to make your music heard.

Water, Dust and Shock Resistant
Designed for durability, take PUNK everywhere with no fear. Toss it in your bag, take it to the beach, or head up to the mountains on an extreme bike ride.

All Day 8 Hour Battery Life
Take charge and power through your day with 8+ long-lasting hours of battery life.

Powerful Wireless Range
Play music wirelessly up to 60 feet away from your device--twice the industry standard.


  • Delivers the powerful, fearless sound you need to make your music heard
  • Water, dust and shock resistant to keep up with your active lifestyle
  • 8-hour battery life for all day listening
  • Plays music wirelessly up to 60 feet away
  • Attach to bike or tripod/camera mount with the 1/4-inch threaded mount (bike mount accessory not included)

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