HiLine Solar Motion-Sensing Flood Light w/ 60 LEDs & Battery Backup

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Provide lighting and security to your garage, pathway, shed or remote cottage anywhere, anytime with the Hi-Line Ultra-Bright Motion-Sensing Wireless Solar Flood Light w/ 60 LEDs & 4500mAH Battery Backup. Use the power of the sun to light dark areas and add extra security with the 60 LED Solar Security Light. Enjoy added peace of mind with an astounding 45-ft detection range.

This light automatically turns on when motion is detected, making it the perfect solar security solution. This security light comes equipped with 60 super-bright LEDs in a durable ABS plastic and aluminum housing. No wiring is required to install the 60-LED Solar Motion Security Light. Simply choose your desired location to mount the solar light and solar panel and have it set up within minutes with the included mounting hardware.

Adjustable light head covers a wide area Powerful Long Lasting 4500mAh battery 60 ultra-bright white LED lights. Light is activated by the motion sensor Motion detection is adjustable up to 45ft adjustable light sensitivity time duration of the lights can be set from 5 seconds to 2 minutes long convenient power switch extra-long connecting cord allows ideal positioning of solar panel. The light fixture can be used indoors or outdoors Swivel mechanism allows for up/down and side-to-side positioning. No wiring or electrician required. Great for emergencies too. Keep one as a portable device for when the power goes out to light larger areas of the house that a regular flashlight or lantern. So get the light you need anywhere at anytime with the Hi-Line Ultra-Bright Motion-Sensing Wireless Solar Flood Light w/ 60 LEDs & 4500mAH Battery Backup today!


  • Astounding 45 foot detection range
  • Durable ABS plastic and aluminum housing
  • Durable weatherproof construction
  • Perfect for backyards, walkways, driveways, garages, businesses and sheds
  • Built-In 4500mAh backup battery stores solar energy when the sun is down
  • Automatic shut-off when motion isn't detected

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