Griffin Crayola DigiTools Creativity Pack for iPad and eReader Tablets

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Digital paint effects on your tablet. Use it with the Crayola Paint App for iPad and Android, available at the App Store and Google Play

Realistic painting action on your tablet's touchscreen, with color mixing, watercolor blending, bright, bold acrylic colors, metallic colors, airbrush effects and more. 

The package includes a real-bristle digital paintbrush, a digital airbrush stylus, a digital stamper, and a digital paint roller. Mix your own colors, roll on patterns, and stamp on additional images and icons. Even a clip-on carrying case is included, to keep everything together.


What's included?

  • Digital paint brush for virtual watercolor and acrylic effects
  • Digital airbrush for virtual spray effects and blending
  • Digital stamp instant images that come to life on your tablet
  • Digital paint roller lets you roll on decorative designs and patterns
  • Comes with clip-on carrying case

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