Windshield Sun Blocker with 3 Bonus Shades

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Ever wondered how the wicked witch in Hansel & Gretel felt when the siblings threw her mercilessly into the oven? Just park your car in the full blazing sun for about an hour with the windows rolled up, step inside, and you'll see. These Windshield Sun Blockers help you to avoid such a fate.

You can't always find a parking spot in the shade or underground, and you can't leave the windows rolled down for fear of car thieves. But you can thwart the Sun's super-hot rays from sending the temps in your car or truck rising to unbearable heights by simply placing one of these Sun Blockers in your vehicle's windshield. With the bonus side and window shades, your vehicle will receive all-over protection from the heat and will be significantly cooler when you return to it, so grab a set for each of your cars and avoid stepping into the cauldron altogether, you're body will thank you.


  • Reflects the sun's scorching rays to keep your car significantly cooler
  • Rolls up to a compact size for easy storage
  • In addition to Windshield shade the set also comes with 2 side window shades and 1 rear windshield shade for complete protection

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Always Been Happy

I've bought a lot of things from Yugster going back to 2007, and I've always been happy with them.

Like the Junk Boxes is great! They have so many good deals to choose from... I never know what's going to be available next. I really like the junk boxes- those are super fun!!!

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