Adult Size 7-Foot Outdoor Hammock

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Adult Size 7-Foot Outdoor Hammock

Enjoy more comfortable nights while you're out camping or on vacation with this Adult Size 7-Foot Outdoor Hammock. With durable construction and easy set up, you'll be glad you have it.

The benefits of hammock use are numerous. The first of these is, of course, comfort. Sleeping in a hammock is beneficial for those with bone, joint, and spinal problems. In a properly suspended hammock, your body assumes an orthopedically correct position.

Second, hammocking gives you more campsite options, and you will be able to camp where no traditional tenter or tarper could ever dream of camping. You can camp on terrain that isn't level. You can camp in damp and wet conditions -- even in a swamp -- with no risk of getting wet. You no longer have to worry about rocks, roots, thorns, cactus, poison ivy, or little critters.

Hammocks are also Leave-No-Trace compliant. Hammocks do not cause compaction of campsite areas as tents and regular tarp rigs do. If you use webbing straps around the trees, the trees aren't damaged in any way.

A hammock is fast to set up and easy to use, although the learning curve can be steeper and less forgiving than with other systems. Once you learn how to set up your hammock properly, you will often set it up during breaks. Why? Well, it only takes two minutes, and a hammock has multiple uses.

You can use it as a camp chair or camp swing. A hammock can also be safer for overnight camping in several respects. Ants, snakes, and myriad other little critters that scurry on the ground won't bother you either -- and you won't bother them.

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Always Been Happy

I've bought a lot of things from Yugster going back to 2007, and I've always been happy with them.

Like the Junk Boxes is great! They have so many good deals to choose from... I never know what's going to be available next. I really like the junk boxes- those are super fun!!!

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