Ultimate Comfort Black Foam Flooring - Four Pieces for 16 Square Feet

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Condition: Brand New! Ultimate Comfort Black Foam Flooring - Four Pieces for 16 Square Feet

Offer yourself some comfort with the Ultimate Comfort Black Foam Flooring. They're extremely easy to set up wherever you want them, they're water-resistant, and there are four pieces for 16 square feet of protected flooring.

The mats are easy to clean up and provide great padding for any floor. They help protect not only your floors, but also your feet, legs, and back. If you do a lot of standing or working in one area, you'll be glad you have some of these.

These mats not only protect your floor, but they're also disturbingly fun to play with. It's a guilty pleasure. They're also shock-absorbing for when your four-year-old kid body-slams you into the ground. Because you know it happens.

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