Plugster's Junk Box

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Condition: Brand New! Plugster's Junk Box - Plugster's Cool End of Summer Picks


These handy junk boxes are selling out faster and faster -- all because everyone knows Plugster tosses a lot of odd items into them.

Which is why this is a fantastic opportunity. There will be a bunch of different versions of the Junk Box shipped, depending on what we have lying around that'll fit.

Junk box is a term to describe a collection of spare parts and old equipment kept for potential future use.

A well-stocked junk box is a requirement for anyone who likes electronic gear. Odds and ends of a useful nature make good additions to a junk box.

It’s a junk box. Who doesn’t love junk? Nothing used, nothing broken, all guaranteed new junk! Quit dumpster-diving and buy one of these. It's so much easier.

And hey, got an empty junk drawer? Buy one of these and dump it into your junk drawer. Voila -- FULL junk drawer!

Disclaimer: items pictured above may or may not be included in the junk box and/or prizes associated with it.

Who Is This Plugster Guy That's Offering Me a Junk Box?

Plugster is our mascot. He is a collector, and likes anything you can plug in or drive. Plugster is our deal-finder and pack-rat. If it is cooler or faster than his current version, he wants the new one. But he still has parts and accessories saved from almost every electronic component he ever acquired. He keeps them in his Junk Box, in case of need...

Yours until gone...



Always Been Happy

I've bought a lot of things from Yugster going back to 2007, and I've always been happy with them.

Like the Junk Boxes is great! They have so many good deals to choose from... I never know what's going to be available next. I really like the junk boxes- those are super fun!!!

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