The Magellan RoadMate provides a best in class GPS navigation experience with features designed to reduce driving stress, save time and money, and promote safe driving habits.

The 4.3" touchscreen provides a safe and legal hands free navigation while displaying preloaded premium maps of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Owners also receive Free Lifetime Map Updates (up to 4 times a year) and Free Lifetime Traffic Alerts for the life of the device.

3D Buildings, Junction View, and Landmark Guidance are a few of the features created to make navigating easier and stress free. 3D Buildings help provide a more realistic view of your surroundings by displaying notable buildings and landmarks in 3D. Junction View generates realistic images of freeway signs guiding you to the correct lane. Landmark Guidance provides spoken route instructions, when possible, calling out visible landmarks. For example a driver might hear instructions like “In 200 feet, turn left at the Gas Station.”

The RoadMate can save driver’s money by avoiding costly tickets with special notifications for traffic cameras and speed limits. Traffic Camera Alerts, by PhantomALERT, provide audio and visual warnings of fixed red light and speed cameras along your route. This is a free one year subscription that uses verified crowd-sourced data. Speed Limit Alerts help manage your speed along a route by notifying you when traveling above the speed limit.

It includes new Driver Alerts designed to promote safe driving habits. These features include Safe-driving Mode, Driving Break Reminder and Headlight Warnings. Safe-driving Mode locks the screen so a driver’s attention remains on the road. Driving Break Reminder, once a timer is selected, delivers an alert notifying a driver when to take a break to avoid fatigue. While Headlight Warning notifies the driver when light levels have fallen and it is time to turn on the headlights.

Magellan’s RoadMate lets owners personalize their GPS experience. Drivers can choose a personal viewing preference with Portrait/Landscape Mode. Landscape mode provides an improved peripheral view; while Portrait mode provides an extended view of the road ahead. Additionally, Magellan’s exclusive OneTouch™ Favorites Menu lets drivers easily create icons of their favorite places and searches. For example, a favorite coffee shop, restaurant, gas station, or bank. Just touch the customized icons to see the nearest locations of the favorite chain destinations in any town.

Need to find a parking garage or avoid streets that you know have high traffic congestion or under construction? Or maybe you have some errands to run with multiple stops. The RoadMate has your back. Best Parking provides parking garage hours of operation and entrance addresses. Choose the garage closest to your destination and you’ll be guided directly to the entrance. Route Area Avoidance lets you select an area on the screen’s map to avoid so you can bypass those areas when navigating. Multi-destination Routing allows owners to plan a trip with multiple stops in the order they want, or the navigator can select the most efficient route.