Star Wars Box Busters Death Star Pop-Open Miniature Super Battle Playset

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Bring the excitement of the most epic Star Wars Battles wherever you go! The Star Wars Death Star Box Busters Super Battle Playset is loaded with real battle scenes and game play. This supersized cube delivers the ultimate battle experience. The portable, foldable, pocket world activates with the push of a button: One press and it unleashes an incredible Death Star battle scene full of iconic Star Wars ships! Play wherever, whenever.

Choose Your Forces!
The Death Star Super Playset requires 2 players and an additional Box Buster to battle against for game play. Face-off in an epic battle against any friend! Choose your side: defend the Death Star or join the Rebels and re-create the most famous Star Wars battles.

Attack Your Enemy!
It’s a battle of good versus evil as both players roll the Combat Dice at the same time. Depending on your roll, the dice will unleash a blast through your opponent’s shields or generate a defense for your own! Choose between two levels of game play as you explore basic and advanced battle strategies. Play against your friends and take out their bases. The first player to reach their opponents command centre and score a hit wins the game! Defeat the Death Star by pressing down on its spring-loaded core and watch it explode! Save the day and GRAB your playset TODAY!

  • Bring home the excitement of epic Star Wars Battles wherever you go
  • Star Wars Box Busters are loaded with real battle scenes and incredible game play
  • Play against your friends and take out their bases to win
  • The Star Wars Box Busters are for ages 7+
  • No batteries required; simply open and play!

Yours Until Gone!

What's in the Box?

  • 2 Battle Cubes
  • 2 Assault Markers
  • 4 Charge Tokens
  • 2 Battle Mats


  • 30 Day Yugster Warranty


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