High Power Video Camera Light with 160 LED's and 3 Color Filters

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This Video Camera Light is widely used for photographer shooting weddings, indoor photography, news site photography, party photography and other occasions that don't have the best lighting. It helps to ensure your picture′s perfect settings. This kit also comes with three filters - white, purple, and orange to add color effects to your lighting, as well provide color balancing. The compact size makes it ideal for shooting on a vacation!


  • 160-LED lights for optimum illumination
  • Diffuser
  • Rotate switch for on/ off
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Matched with three filters
  • Suitable for different environments
  • Can be installed on DV or DSLR, and DC with standard hot shoe (not Sony), such as Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Hitachi, Victory, Pentax, Samsung camcorders, SLR cameras, etc.
  • Battery testing button to check the battery capacity
  • Can be used in video for lights setup or supplement
  • Compact design, high power, durable , and low heat output
  • Multiple power options (not included): Panasonic CGR-D16S; Panasonic D series (D08S, D16S, D28S, D54S); Sony NP-FH70, NP-FM55H, NP-F550; Sony FP series (FP50, FP70, FP90); FM series (FM50, FM55H, FM500H, QM71D, QM91D); F series (F550, F570, F770, F960, F970); FV series (FV50, FV70, FV90); FH series (FH50, FH60, FH70, FH90, FH100) rechargeable battery and 6 x AA battery

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What's in the Box?

  • High Power Video Camera Light with 160 LED's and 3 Color Filters


  • Voltage: 7.2V-8.4V
  • Illumination: 1M 1480lux; 2M 450lux; 3M 178lux; 4M 101lux; 5M 63lux
  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS
  • Dimensions: 5.55" (L) x 3.77" (W) x 2.16" (H)
  • 30 Day Yugster Warranty


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