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The expensive items that you have around the house like furniture, art pieces, your car and many more will get some form of damage one way or another no matter how much you take care of them. If you want to restore these possessions of yours then Total Restoration is the perfect product for you. It is the all-in-one kit that has everything you need in order to do DIY restoration work inside and out of your house.

The Total Restoration kit comes with a Restoration Epoxy that you can use to bond or seal pieces or furniture or figurines that may have been damaged or broken apart. You also get different Restore-a-scratch sticks which you can use to remove scratches from your car, boat and furniture. If you find that your grout in the kitchen or bathroom looks old and damaged then the Restore-a-grout stick will be very helpful in giving these parts of your house the new grout look.

You also get 6 feet of Restoration Tape which you can use to mask leaks around the house, and are also very useful for electrical repairs. With the Total Restoration kit, you have everything that you need to restore the different parts and items inside and outside of your house into looking spotless and clean, and that the kit can be very useful in doing repairs as well.


  • Epoxy bonds to anything
  • One (1) 6ft roll of restoring tape
  • One (1) instruction booklet
  • One (1) restore a grout
  • One (1) restore a stratch for cars
  • One (1) total restoration epoxy
  • Three (3) Restore a scratch for furniture
  • Restores scratches on cars, furniture and wood
  • Restoring tape can be used wet or dry
  • Revives grout in the bathroom and on the patio

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  • As Seen On TV - Total Restoration Kit for Home


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