Philips Super Heavy Duty 1.5V Batteries – Choose AA or AAA

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The Philips AA and AAA Battery is made from high quality Zinc-Chloride technology that ensure long battery life. The battery remains fresh for use for up to 3 years. Although every battery suffers from energy loss when not in use, this battery is guaranteed to contain at least 80% of the initial energy within the best before date.
Do you ever have trouble locating the correct size of battery you need in your drawer full of junk? The batteries are color coded for battery size making recognition of battery sizes easier.
Charge into this bargain and GRAB your batteries today.  The more batteries you buy the more you save!
Pick up a 4-96 pack and save with quantity discounts:
4-Pack AA: $4.97 ($1.24/ea)
8-Pack AA: $5.97 ($0.74/ea)
16-Pack AA: $6.97 ($0.44/ea)
32-Pack AA: $11.97 ($0.37/ea)
48-Pack AA: $14.97 ($0.31/ea)
72-Pack AA: $20.97 ($0.29/ea)
96-Pack AA: $24.97 ($0.26/ea)
4-Pack AAA: $4.97 ($1.24/ea)
8-Pack AAA: $5.97 ($0.74/ea)
16-Pack AAA: $6.97 ($0.44/ea)
32-Pack AAA: $11.97 ($0.37/ea)
48-Pack AAA: $14.97 ($0.31/ea)
72-Pack AAA: $20.97 ($0.29/ea)
96-Pack AAA: $24.97 ($0.26/ea)
  • Alkaline batteries are 6x better than average Zinc Carbon
  • Philips Alkaline batteries contain 0% Cadmium, Mercury and Lead
  • Easy-to-understand language-free user instructions
  • Alkaline technology is ideal for energy hungry devices
  • Alkaline technology ensures power for high drain devices
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  • Philips Super Heavy Duty 1.5V Batteries – Choose AA or AAA


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