Mesh Instant Screen Door with Magnet Closure – Fresh Air In & Bugs Out!

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Are you tired of opening your door on a sunny day and being attacked by insects and bugs swarming in? Does your pet end up whining and scratching the door to be let in when you can’t get the door instantly? The instant screen door is made with a fine mesh to let air in but keep those pesky bugs out while letting all the beautiful refreshing fresh air into your home. 

Mother Nature's call for outdoor living is an open invitation to flying pests. The annoyance of insects dodging around ceilings and landing on counters is easily stopped with convenient coverings that go up every season. You never have to worry about closure because the magic lies in 18 strategically placed magnets that align at the center. Even with kids running in and out all day, the barrier remains firmly in place. For entertaining, you can move easily from kitchen to patio with hands full and never have to fuss over open doors.
The Mesh Instant Screen Door requires no tools to install. Each two-panel set comes with tacks and a hook-and-loop system that attaches to standard door frames as well as sliding glass doors or RV entries. When pets need to go out, they no longer require assistance with netting that provides easy backyard access. Simple by design, yet amazingly functional, panel barriers are an efficient way to keep flying insects from roaming your home while everyone takes advantage of warmer weather.

  • Magnet placement at the center opening provides hands-free access and automatic closure for you and your pets
  • Keeps flying insects out while allowing fresh airflow
  • Ideal for summer entertaining
  • Panels install temporarily for warmer months and fold for storage
  • No tools required for installation
  • Can be added to single doorways and sliding glass doors or camper and RV entries
  • Mesh Instant Screen Door includes netting panels, wood tacks, magnets and hook-and-loop attachments
  • Includes two mesh panels approximately 83" L x 19" W each

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  • Mesh Instant Screen Door with Magnetic Closure – Keep Fresh Air In and Bugs Out! - Black 


  • 30 Day Yugster Warranty


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