[20-Pack] Quirky Bandits Organizational Elastic Bands with Hook – 3 Sizes Included

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These Quirky Bandits elastic bands with hooks on the ends sound pretty simple. But there are so many ways to use them you'll wonder why you never thought of it before. The bands are made out of an elastic cord and come in 3 different sizes. 

Keep your pens and drawing supplies together, suspend excess cords from shelving, hang a bottle from a baby stroller, fasten sunglasses to a rearview mirror, tie up jewelry, hold your phone and cards together in your pocket. The possibilities are endless! 


  • A large, secure hook to ensure the attached object doesn’t fall or come unhooked
  • Small, medium, and large bands, so they custom fit to secure your goods
  • The band’s loop can also be opened by rotating the hook and unscrewing one end of the band
  • Small: 3" Circumference
  • Medium: 6" Circumference
  • Large: 9" Circumference

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What’s in the box?

  • 8 Large Bandits
  • 6 Medium Bandits
  • 6 Small Bandits


  • Dimensions: 1.5", 2.3" 3.1", and 3.9" in diameter 
  • Materials: elastic, glass-filled plastic
  • Warranty: 30 Day Yugster


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