Baby Safety Magnetic Cabinet Locks – No Tools Or Screws Needed

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Every new parent knows how important it is to install child-proof locks on cabinets and drawers in their home. Even babies who are only beginning to crawl love to explore those under counter cabinets when Mom's back is turned. Now there's a type of child-proof lock that doesn't ruin the look of your cabinets and drawers, because it's completely invisible from the outside.

These child-proof locks use magnets to work their magic. A strong magnet in the key and a corresponding magnet in the lock work together to open the latch that holds a cabinet or drawer closed. The magnets are strong enough to work through 1.5 inches of wood- thicker than almost any cabinet door or drawer front.

These locks are installed using reliable 3M self-adhesive pads that create a bond too strong for any child to break, so no screws or drilling are required. Everything you install goes inside the cabinet or drawer, a feature that will be especially welcome to people who live in rental properties, since there are no marks or screw holes on cabinetry. Another great feature is that these locks can be deactivated by flipping a switch inside the cabinet. This will be perfect for grandparents who only need their cabinets to be child-proof when the grandkids are visiting.


  • The magnetic baby safety lock is perfect to keep your curious little kids away from drawers and cupboards filled with dangerous tools or chemicals
  • Allows you to have peace of mind while your children explore your home
  • No drill or screws needed- just stick the magnetic cabinet locks with 3M adhesive tape in the proper place
  • Only unlocks with powerful magnetic key, no damage to your cabinets or other furniture
  • Invisible from the outside- the locks install inside cabinet or drawer, completely concealed from children and guests, making your home more appealing, while also providing ideal child protection
  • Magnetic locks have normal open/close function- you can use this function when you baby is not home or sleeping
  • One key can open several locks
  • Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your child is safe from things like cleaning fluids, insecticides, etc.
  • Because these locks work on most drawers, you can lock your kitchen knife drawer and medicine cabinet

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  • Baby Safety Magnetic Cabinet Locks – No Tools Or Screws Needed


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