[2-Pack] Full-Length Knee and Calf Compression Sleeves

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Extreme Fit Unisex Full-Length Compression Sleeves provide thigh-to-calf graduated compression. Best for athletes who do not wish to change from their current running or riding socks, yet, still want the protection and improvement a graduated compression garment offers.

Use the Compression Sleeve in conjunction with your favorite socks to improve endurance by boosting blood circulation and delivery of oxygen to your muscles. You’ll run and ride with less effort, increased speed, decreased recovery time, reduced fatigue and optimized performance.

Our radical designs and colors keep you stylish – on the road – at the gym – or recovering at home.

Extreme Fit Unisex Full-Length Compression Sleeves provide graduated compression. The socks are strongest at the ankle and gradually decreasing up the leg. Used by professional triathletes around the world, compression sleeves are scientifically proven to maximize power, boost energy, and speed recovery time.


  • Works to relieve discomfort in the calf and knee
  • Provides light compression to improve circulation
  • Helps muscles feel invigorated while fighting inflammation
  • Ideal for wearing while running, walking or working out

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What’s In the Box:

  • [2-Pack] Full-Length Knee and Calf Compression Sleeves


  • Materials: 70% nylon, 30% spandex
  • Hand-wash and hang to dry
  • 30 Day Yugster Warranty


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