SMS Audio BioSport Sweat Proof Biometric Headphones with Heart Rate Monitor

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Biosport in-ear headphones by SMS Audio deliver biometric monitoring and full, dynamic sound in a single device. Integrated heart monitoring means no more straps, batteries, or separate monitors—just amazing sound to drive your workout. The SMS Audio BioSport Headphones feature professionally tuned 12 millimeters drivers to deliver crisp vocals, tight bass and dynamic mid-tones. This is studio mastered sound on the go. 

Intel® technology is the “smart” in BioSport* by SMS Audio smart earbuds. Intel developed the industrial design, circuitry, firmware, and apps integration to deliver accuracy in a wearable heart monitor. The built-in optomechanical sensor accurately and continuously measures heart rate during intense exercise, states of relaxation, and every moment in between, while dynamically removing noise signals caused by body motion and ambient light.

Every Heartbeat Counts
Smart earbuds feature a built-in optical sensor that monitors your heart rate without straps, wires, or batteries. It measures changes in blood flow through the capillaries for accurate heart rate detection. 

Water Resistant
IPX4-rated for sweat protection and water resistance to perform in any environment. The three-click microphone on the tangle-free cable is easy to use and sealed against the elements.

Studio-Mastered Sound
Professionally tuned 12 mm drivers deliver crisp vocals, tight bass and dynamic mid-tone for studio mastered sound to help drive your workout even further.

App Ready
Compatible with major fitness apps, so you can stay in shape and on track.

No Batteries Required
With no bulky battery packs to add weight and no charging required, these smart earbuds are ready to perform mile after mile.

Lose the Strap
Now you can track your heart rate while listening to your favorite tracks without an uncomfortable strap or multiple devices.

Track Results
SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds are compatible with major fitness apps, so you can stay in shape and on track.


  • Biometric Earbud with heart rate monitor
  • Professionally tuned 12mm drivers deliver tight bass and dynamic mid-tones.
  • No need for uncomfortable straps or multiple devices.
  • IPX4 rated for resistance to sweat and water.
  • 3.5 mm gold-plated audio jack delivers all the power you'll ever need for biometric monitoring. Nothing to replace or recharge.
  • Intel Inside for smart monitoring

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What’s In The Box?


  • Size: 12.4 mm
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 107.5 dB SPL
  • THD: 100Hz~200 Hz <13%; 200 Hz ~ 1KHz <8%; 1KHz ~ 2KHz<1%
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty






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