4-Port High-Speed HDMI Switch with IR Wireless Remote Control & 2K/4K Support

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With HDMI becoming the standard plug on new devices, it's hard to have enough ports on your TV for all your devices to stay plugged in. Whether you're an avid gamer or in love with your new home entertainment system, the Etekcity HDMI switch is an absolutely mandatory tool that offers you an extraordinary level of convenience in one simple package. 

4 input ports give gamers the chance to switch between their systems on the fly. The IR wireless remote control allows toggling between HDMI devices without ever having to leave the comfort of your sofa or having to crawl behind the TV to switch between devices. The HDMI switch provides HD picture quality without any lag and ultra-sharp 4k video definition without glitches. This switch also supports 3D and deep color picture quality without deteriorating the overall viewing experience.

View multiple channels on the same screen. Watch up to 4 devices on the same screen and easily select which channel you want to view on the full screen. The other two channels will be displayed in inset windows on the left side of the screen while providing sound from the main program only. This will allow you to play your Xbox/PS on the main display while you keep watching a TV show, movie, or another program in the second display. This supports up to 3 sub-screens at a single time so you can be watching 4 other things at a single time as you are on your main display!


  • Expand the capabilities of your HDTV, connect up to 4 HDMI compatible devices for seamless transitions between gaming, television and more
  • Experience all your TV has to offer in brilliant 4K resolution, deep color, as well as 3D compatibility
  • Enjoy 4 screens at once, PIP gives you the power to utilize all the devices connected to your HDMI switcher
  • Never leave the comfort of your couch when switching between devices quickly and easily

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What’s In The Box?

  • Etekcity 4-Port High-Speed HDMI Switch with IR Wireless Remote Control & 2K/4K Support


  • 30 Day Yugster Warranty


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