Every Day Carry Tactical Bedside Pistol and Flashlight Holster

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This bedside holster is Velcro-adjustable and even fits a large .45-50 caliber pistol! It can also be used to carry items as thin as a smartphone. The portion that goes under the mattress has a thick board with grips to hold it in place and prevent slipping, while an elastic band keeps flashlights or mags secure. Additionally, this holster has grommet eyelets and Velcro flaps in order to let you install it under your driver seat, office chair, or on the wall.


  • Mounting platform slips between mattress and box springs
  • Holds pistol beside bed for rapid access
  • Universal-fit Velcro holster allows use with various handguns
  • Thick board with grips to hold it in place
  • Grommet eyelets & Velcro flaps to install

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sdblair (Blue Diamond Member) 2017-03-09 08:28:11 -0700 1

I originally got this in camo, but I couldn't find it because it done blended in to good with my camo bedsheets, carpet, drapes & onsie jammies. Weel, I traded that'un in on a black 'un and it worked TO good. My gal-darn three year-old done came inna my room one night and shot me in the dern leg!

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