[3-Piece Set] The Original Bamboo Organic Luxury Bath Towels

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Made of eco-friendly bamboo, a sustainable resource, bamboo takes under 3 years to reach maturity for harvesting compared to 60 years for other trees. The whole plant is never harvested and re-growth is astonishingly fast! Bamboo towels have a number of advantages that make them superior to solely cotton towels. When bamboo and organic cotton are spun together to make yarn, their natural properties combine to make a wonderful plush fiber with unique characteristics. Breathable and super soft - Bamboo fabric is an extraordinarily delicate and plush material, frequently compared with cashmere or silk. 

Luxurious and practical - Dry your skin with a rich bamboo towel as opposed to using one made of scratchy cotton. Bamboo is a hypoallergenic material that has the capacity to resist mildew and mold. Also organic, chemicals and pesticides are not needed to help the plant grow, so the subsequent fabric doesn't contain harsh toxins that irritate skin. As a plant-based material, it doesn't contain lanolin, which is one of the primary reasons people have allergic reactions to towels, sheets, and garments. These qualities make bamboo towels an awesome choice for infants, and also those with hypersensitivities or delicate sensitive skin.

Resistant to Bacteria -Reports have demonstrated that bamboo towels hold anti-bacterial characteristics of the live bamboo plant. Very Absorbent The moisture wicking absorbency of bamboo fiber may be the best element of bamboo towels to date. No more damp smelly towels from yesterday’s shower. This breathable feature means these towels can be used for a long time without any odor!


  • 70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton
  • Silky extra soft feel of cashmere and more ultra-absorbent than cotton alone
  • Hypo allergenic cotton-bamboo blend that is safe for your family
  • Made from natural, eco-friendly materials and free of harmful chemicals and synthetic materials
  • Resistant to odor, mildew, mold and bacteria even after numerous washings


  • Bath Towel - 27" x 55"
  • Hand Towel - 13" x 30"
  • Wash Cloth - 12" x 12"

Set Includes:

  • One (1) Bath towel
  • One (1) Hand towel
  • One (1) Wash cloth

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What’s In the Box:

  • 3 Piece Set: The Original Bamboo Organic Luxury Bath Towels


  • 30 Day Yugster Warranty
  • Bath Towel - 27" x 55"
  • Hand Towel - 13" x 30"
  • Wash Cloth - 12" x 12"


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