Contest Page for Yugster's Daily Deals

Like to BLOG?   Or like to WIN STUFF?   Well, if you answered yes to either of those questions, then continue reading this page on how to become a Yugster Blogster and Win!  Contest ends Feb. 28, 2013, and then another contest will begin!



1)  Simply write about, and link to on your Blog, or someone else's Blog. Its that simple! New to Blogging? It's easy - you can have your own blog in just 5 minutes - or post on a friend's Blog in less time!  Read the "HOW TO BLOG" section below to get Bloggin' if you're new to it.

2)  Let us know where you Blogster'd about Yugster. Email a link to your Blog post to:   

Bloggings will be judged based on creativity. What do we consider creative? Well, do what you think is creative, and if you're one of our top winners, then you'll know we thought you were creative. Here are a few ideas: use our logo in your blog (available below), write about how you creatively used a Yugster Daily Deal that you bought, or write about how Yugster has changed your life (hopefully for the better, unlike How Yugster Helped Break Your New Year's Resolution).









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Also visit our Yugster Contests Archive page.

There are many different places that you can sign up for a free Blog. is one of the most popular places. Other free blog websites include:,, and this website actually talks about the top 10 Blogging websites -

After you sign up for a Blog, you can link to by highlighting, Yugster, or other phrases like "Yugster Daily Deals", "Best Daily Deas" or "" in your content.  Then click the Blog Platform's Link Tool, which may say "Link", or have a symbol that looks like this:  
If your friend has Blog, then you can often make comments at the bottom of the Blog in the comments section (you may want to ask for permission first).

If you any questions about creating your own Blog, or how to do something in your Blog, feel free to shoot an email to:  

Here are some Yugster Logos and Banners you can put in your Blog if you wish (optional - not required). You can Right Click, and then click the "Save Image As" or "Save Target As" to save the image to your computer. You can then include the image in your blog by clicking the Image Symbol in your Blog's Platform, which often looks like a small landscape picture.