Plugster's Junk Box Winners!


The booty was indeed bountiful on the last Plugster's Junk Box. Plugster was handing out prizes left and right! And the winners deserve bragging rights and spot light recognition! So we're going to brag for you.

Here are the "lottery" winners for Plugster's Junk Box - Pirate's Booty Edition!

Prize:  Username and State

   $250 Amazon Gift Card:   viperciara from OH

   $250 Amazon Gift Card:   chipperjs from CA

   $250 Worth of Jewelry:  Beckysews from NC

   $250 Worth of Jewelry:  donna.ayana from VA

   48 or more items:  bshockey from PA

   30 or more items:  Darktide from CA

   30 or more items:  little5150 from WI

   30 or more items:  designer17 from ME

   30 or more items:  apatge from AZ

   30 or more items:  Graylee from WA

Congratulations Winners! There was even a few more winners than we originally had planned.  Lucky for them! Now you can never say that you have never won anything! For all you other booty hunters, keep an eye out for the next Junk Box, which will have more prizes. And click here to find out other ways to win on


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bshockey (Diamond Member) 2013-05-09 04:05:42 -0600 1

AWESOME! Can't wait to get my junk! Thanks Yugster Plugster! :)

Darktide (Gold Member) 2013-05-13 14:59:49 -0600 2

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I won I won I won!!!!! YEAAAAAAHHH!!!! Can't wait to see it! Thanks Yugster U R the best!!!!

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