10 Easy DIY Holiday Decorations 2017

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go! We all want to have the most beautifully decorated house on the block, but most of us aren't nearly as capable as others. That's why we put together this quick and easy Christmas decorations that anyone can pull off!

1. Mini Winter Wonderland

Easy DIY Holiday Decorations

Use an apothecary jar to create a one-of-a-kind mini Christmas village! With salt as your base, all you'll have to do is place a small house and a couple mini trees inside, and voila! You've got a great Christmas decoration for an entryway.

2. Festive Candles

Easy DIY Holiday Decorations

If traditional decorations are your style, pillar candles placed on a cake stand instead of classic candle holders is the ticket. Add a little extra pop with artificial berry garland to tie in the holiday theme.

3. Frosty the Doorman

Easy DIY Holiday Decorations

AThis is an easy Christmas decoration perfect for kids to help out with! Adorable on the inside and incredibly easy to do. All you'll need is some construction paper, wrapping paper, a pair of scissors, and a great imagination.

4. Gift Wrapped Door

Easy DIY Holiday Decorations

For all of the minimalists who don't want stress while decorating, this one's for you. Use some ribbon and cut it out into a "t" shape. Add a bow on top and your entire home is now one big present!

5. Perfect Poinsettias

Easy DIY Holiday Decorations

Instead of just leaving your poinsettias in the less-than-enthusing foil they come in, go to a craft store and pick up a large rustic-looking box that would fit 3 plants inside. This is a much more attractive alternative and may actually get you to keep your poinsettias out for longer than just until Christmas!

6. Garland Entryway

Easy DIY Holiday Decorations

A lot of people put light-up garland around the outside entryway of their home, but very few have even thought about putting it inside of their home. It's an easy Christmas decoration to hang and can be purchased from just about any store that carries holiday decorations.

7. Christmas in a Jar

Easy DIY Holiday Decorations

Use another apothecary jar to throw in a mix of ornaments, pinecones, and artificial berries inside. This will make for a great statement piece on any dining table. Apothecary jars are awesome because they can be reused for just about every holiday.

8. Moving Snowflake Lights Show

Easy DIY Holiday Decorations

Create a magical fairy tale of falling snowflakes to make your home a beautiful winter wonderland. The beautiful design goes perfectly with holidays year-round so you will get more than your money's worth. Decorate for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, parties, Christmas and more with this Liger LED Christmas Moving Snowflake Lights Show Laser Projector. The LED lights always project a bright, clear and fun display to keep your home looking amazing during the holidays.

9. Solar-Powered LED String Ball Lights 

Easy DIY Holiday Decorations

On eventful nights or when you just want to liven up your home outside, these Solar-Powered LED lights are the perfect display of colors for the holidays.

These solar lights charge their battery on sunny and rainy days. The lights automatically turn on at night with continuous lighting for up to 8hrs.

They are extremely easy to install and have one button for controlling on/off and another button for controlling steady on/flashing.

10. 7' Outdoor Lighted Inflatable Santa Claus with Rotating Gift

Easy DIY Holiday Decorations


Bring the spirit of the season home to your front yard with cheery holiday decor. With the internal LED lighting, you will even share a joyous glow at night. The weather-resistant polyester material provides many years of festive fun. Make your outdoors more than merry with a great deal on this 7' Outdoor Lighted Inflatable Santa Claus.

Which easy Christmas decoration are you most excited to try? These are so easy, you may just want to try them all! For all of your holiday needs, check out great deals on holiday gifts on yugster.com!







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