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Social media has taken the world by storm. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, there isn't a shortage when it comes to platforms to engage and participate in. Each social media site functions in a unique way. Some are used for posting pictures, others for sharing videos, and some for extensive interaction through chat and messaging features among others. While there are popular sites that are known by almost everyone, there are those that you might not know about. They are functional and have unique concepts that people can benefit from. Here’s a list of social media sites that you should know about.


Stylehive is a platform that is specially designed for fashion and style. All the fashion icons get to share their tips about jewelry, clothes, shoes and accessories. On this platform, you can also start your own hive: a group of people who follow your personal advice about style. Additionally, you can use this social media platform to chat with other Stylehive members and subscribe to other picks that are specific to Stylehive.

My Fitness Pal

Health and fitness is an integral part of your lifestyle but one of the hardest to cultivate discipline in. My Fitness Pal is an interactive platform that helps you to find likeminded people who have the same fitness goals. You must first set your goals, whether it is weight loss or muscle gain. After this, you browse through the community of people on My Fitness Pal who have similar goals and then become friends so you can help each other to achieve your set goals.


Mint provides a place where people can interact and share on matters about finances and money. On this social media platform, people share their challenges when it comes to managing finances, tips on how to handle finances better and other helpful information. You do not have to share the specifics if you would like to safeguard your privacy. On Mint, you can also manage your money. The platform gathers your information and compares it to other people anonymously before giving you the suitable way to manage your money.


The Foursquare application helps to detect where you are in the world. You can make new friends on the platform and follow their moves by checking where they are in terms of location. One feature on the application that is interesting is people-watching. With this feature, you get to watch people's activities as they move about during the day or night. Additionally, Foursquare can be synchronized with other social media sites to generate your location as you post, message or share anything.

These social media sites and applications are just a few of the many that are online. If you want to discover more sites and applications that cater to specific niches, do a quick search and see what else is out there!


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