10-Port High Speed USB 2.0 Hub

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There are some devices that have only one or two USB ports. And there are some devices that can use more than ten types of devices. There are even devices that fall into both of these categories.

That’s why we’ve got a great deal on a 10-port  (yes, 10) high speed USB hub. If you’ve got a laptop and want to plug in a mouse, keyboard, scanner/printer, camera, music player, external driver, and other computer or pad along with some gaming controllers, there’s your ten! It’s lightweight and easy to use.

Maybe you won’t need ten, but it’s better to be on the safe side, isn’t it?


  • Connects to scanners, printers, digital cameras, camcorders, speakers, mice, keyboards, external drives, MP3 players and more
  • Can be powered by external power supply
  • No installation required; simply plug it in
  • Backwards compatible

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