18ct Paint Saver Paks - Keeps Brushes & Rollers Wet

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A fresh coat of paint can make anything look clean and new, except for the painting supplies. But you won’t need to clean them if you “pak” them with the Painter Saver Paks.

These bags from paintNpause will seal up your brush, paint roller, and tray to prevent them from drying out. Everything will stay wet and ready to go, until you’re ready to resume painting. Each one easily self-seals with adhesive flaps to preserve your paint.

They also have space for marking down notes, so you can keep your oil, latex, and varnish from getting mixed up. For your next painting project, these brush, roller and tray savers will save the day!


  • 3 packs of brush savers
  • 18 total pieces
  • Plastic with adhesive seals
  • Sizes: for 2”-4” brush, 9”-12” roller, 9”-12” tray

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