Deluxe Steam Grill Cleaning Brush – Cleans & Sterilizes Your Grill

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More powerful than a locomotive! Just like steam can relax your muscles, the steam of the Deluxe Steam Grill Brush relaxes the baked-on gunk of your grill. Instead of elbow grease, this smart brush scrubs hot grill grates as the heat creates steam from the integrated water chamber. Simply fill the handle with water, heat the grill and easily scrub off baked-on food and grease.

Two brush heads clean every surface, even in-between the grill grates, and are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning and care. The primary brush surface cleans large areas of your grill with a single stroke or turns in the opposite direction to attack those hard-to-reach areas under and between the grates. Ideal for steel, iron, and porcelain grills, this convenient accessory features two heavy-duty grips and an ergonomic handle for comfort. Ideal for small to medium gas and charcoal grills. You'll never have to scrape your grill again. So keep your grill in pristine condition today with the Deluxe Steam Grill Brush!


  • Uses the power of steam to quickly clean grill
  • Sprays water onto a hot grill to create steam for superior cleaning
  • 2 brush attachments for cleaning all surfaces
  • Durable metal scraper attacks caked on residue
  • Convenient tank filling location allows for easy filling at any sink or hose
  • Elongated reach keeps cleaning easy and safe
  • Hanging hook allows for convenient storage
  • Safe for steel, iron, porcelain grills
  • Dishwasher-safe brush heads for easy cleaning
  • Easy to use: simply preheat your grill, fill the Deluxe Steam Grill Brush with water, and then brush

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