[6-Pack] LED Flare Copters - Launch Over 100 Feet!

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Enjoy exciting, high-flying fun with Flare Copters! Make your family time and parties even brighter with the new and exciting Flare Copter that has a million and one different uses! Throw farther than a paper airplane, faster than a Frisbee!

Easy to assemble, just fold the wings, tie the rubber bands, turn on the LED and you're set! It flies like an arrow and comes down like a helicopter. Or if you don't like the amazing flare helicopter, you can refer to it as a flying umbrella. When you shoot it into the air the wings open and it spins slowly downwards like a helicopter. It looks great at night, as the rotors on this Flare Copter glow bright and creates a dazzling Halo effect and mesmerize.

Flare Copters are made of the highest grade materials .The distance is amazing as it shoots upwards of 100 feet with just a pair of rubber bands and a flick of your wrist!


  • Rotors glow bright and create a dazzling Halo effect
  • Shoots upwards of 100 feet with just a pair of rubber bands
  • Visible for half a mile or more at Night
  • Use it as a retrieval toy for pets at the park
  • Play night tag using them as arrows (Use Eye Protection!)
  • Fun "fireworks" to use on the 4th of July
  • Great for exciting parties and raves
  • Perfect for anyone 5 years or older

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