Viewsonic DLP Projector 2600 Lumens, 3D-Ready/120Hz, BrilliantColor™ Technology, Built-In Speakers, 2000:1 DCR

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The other projector sold out fast! Here is a different Viewsonic model at the same price with similar specs, but hurry because there are only a few in stock.

The Viewsonic PJD5112 is described by its manufacturer as a "light, bright and portable projector" and we have to agree. It's light at just 5.7 pounds and it's certainly bright with an output of 2600 lumens at a 2000:1 contrast ratio. It measures just 11 x 4.5 x 8.6 inches so it's definitely portable.

But it's the features they've managed to pack into that light and portable package that makes the PJD5112 so impressive. It uses the renowned Texas Instruments Digital Light Processor Digital Micromirror Device (DLP DMD) with an innovation TI calls BrilliantColor for its display panel, the part that creates the image.

Those millions of microscopic mirrors operate so fast that they can project one image for each eye, making 3-D in your home and office a reality. You bring the 3-D glasses and programming. Your projector is ready to bring you everything from fantastic scientific visualizations to stunning 3-D movies.

In addition to 3-D the PJD5112 does a great job with all kinds of images. It can project in NTSC, NTSC 4.43, and PAL types B, D, G, H, I, M, N, and 60. Of course it does several standard and enhanced definition modes and 720p and 1080i high definition. It's also both PC and Macintosh compatible (you may require an adapter for the Mac).

If you're looking for a power-packed portable at a palatable price point the PJD5112 may be just the projector you need.

2600 Lumens and a Contrast Ratio of 2000:1
The PJD5112 has the projection power to create a large image in a large room, even against a fair amount of ambient light. Your presentations are guaranteed to be vibrant even in the brightest viewing environment.

Texas Instruments DLP Image Panel With BrilliantColor
TI's patented DLP imager features an innovation it calls BrilliantColor. Unlike other technologies such as LCD that use just three primary colors to produce the image, DLP Technology with BrilliantColor uses up to six separate colors. Color accuracy is paramount to a quality image. BrilliantColor not only improves color accuracy, it brightens secondary colors as well. This combination produces a new level of color performance that increases the brightness of the colors by up to 50% over DLP projectors without BrilliantColor for accurate, true-to-life images.

3-D Ready For Immersive Educational, Gaming and Entertainment Viewing
If you've seen a recent 3-D film in a movie theater, chances are the 3-D effect was generated by a DLP Cinema projector. That same basic technology has now been applied to the PJD5112. DLP technology uses millions of digital micromirror devices (DMDs) that reflect light to create a stunning picture. This imaging technology is so fast, it can actually produce two images on the screen at the same time: One for the left eye and one for the right eye. Then 3-D glasses combine the two images to create an amazing 3-D effect. This projector is ready for the revolution. All you need to add is 3-D glasses and 3-D programming that can include lessons developed for 3-D, 3-D games and 3-D movies.

Eco-mode Extends Lamp Life While it Lowers Costs
The lamp in this projector is rated at a respectable 3000 hours in Normal mode. Darken the room a little and switch to Eco mode and lamp life shoots up 66 percent to 5000 hours. At the same time fan noise will drop from a quiet 30dB to a literally lower than whisper quiet 26dB. In Standby mode the projector draws less than one watt.

Multiple Video Formats Supported
The PJD5112 supports SDTV (480i, 576i), EDTV (480p, 576p) and HDTV (720p, 1080i) formats. It also supports the international video signal formats NTSC, NTSC 4.43, PAL (B, D, G, H, I, M, N, 60). It's also PC compatible from its native resolution of SVGA (800 x 600) to SXGA (1280 x 1024).

Off-to-Go Feature
The direct off feature allows you to simply unplug the projector and go without waiting for the usual cool down phase, saving your valuable time. This feature also protects the lamp from sudden power blackouts.

Closed Captioning
This projector can display Closed Captioning from program sources that provide CC. That's good not only for your hard of hearing audience members but for anyone learning English as a second language or when you have to present in a noisy environment.


  • BrilliantColor technology delivers brilliant, true-color and high contrast images
  • Supports high-definition signals and projects 2,600 lumens
  • Clear, bright images in most lighting conditions
  • Light and compact makes it ideal for the mobile presenter; Extensive connectivity, including two RGB inputs and one RGB output
  • Eco-mode reduces fan noise and extends lamp life up to 5,000 hours

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